Ways to help you improve iT budget

IT budgets have greatly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting global recession while cloud and infrastructure costs have grown. But content delivery, data distribution, and business support make data centers more difficult for enterprises to thrive. This has left system administrators seeking opportunities to cut costs by consolidating server racks and operating with higher efficiency. Increasing your IT efficiency doesn’t have to break your budget. To help you prevent making security sacrifices and greater spends, we have a few tips to explain how to improve your it budget and do more with less expenses.

Help 1:Adopt a Hybrid Approach to Maintenance 

Hyperconvergence and the cloud are synonymous with IT infrastructure innovation. As environments grow and transform, hybrid models become a more popular steppingstone to the cloud. Until recently, IT environments have been treated as one uniform piece, built to transform and be replaced simultaneously. Today, we need to approach our IT environments with a different lens that can separate the whole into several parts, each part having different priorities. Based on budgets, we can then determine which new product innovations are needed to benefit the business and which existing products can remain in place. The lifespan of the build is increased, and costs are decreased, when this happens. With this approach, greater efficiency, hybridization, and innovation can be achieved.

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Help 2:  Understanding Your Equipment’s Life Cycle

Many enterprises cling to their old ways as they slowly attempt to transition to newer strategies; for instance, refreshing hardware every three to five years like clockwork. Routerscore switcheswireless access points, servers, and security equipment—all completely functional—are traded or discarded in this routine upgrade. We aren’t suggesting that upgrades aren’t an essential piece of the puzzle, but upgrades should and can be significantly more flexible in their frequency. Remove the manufacturer mandate dependency and choose a deliberate upgrade structure for your IT environment with a trusted third-party maintenance (TPM) vendor. This will grant you cost savings and increased IT agility on equipment that is no longer dependent on regular upgrades to receive regular software updates. On average, this upgrade concept can apply to roughly 40 to 60 percent of your current equipment.

TIP 3: Integrate Preowned Equipment

We know the thought of preowned or “used” equipment makes IT professionals wary, but at Linx Networks, we know a thing or two about finding the perfect way to expand networks with current and second-generation equipment. With preowned equipment, you can maximize the lifespan of your servers, storage, and network  hardware, to do more with less. At Linx Networks Ltd “preowned” means the equipment has been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards, so you can achieve better value in the procurement of your IT network infrastructure. “Preowned” can also means fully configured devices.

As data center hardware reaches the end of its warranty, don’t feel trapped to replace your systems. Capitalize on independent support for your IT maintenance needs Linx-Networks offers vendor neutrality, state-of-the-art equipment testing, and the ability to maintain systems beyond the end-of-service mandates from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Empower your IT budget with 75% savings on hardware, 20% more availability within your budget, and 24/7 global support.

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