IT Transformation in health care sector 

Digital transformation is affecting almost all sectors of the economy. Starting from engineering to finance and the to health sector. They utilizes IT transformation for affective business performance. Virtually all the players in the vast and complex healthcare ecosystem are stepping up their digitization and digital transformation efforts as a result of these and other challenges but they also see the opportunities in digitally transforming healthcare. The ‘organization’ of healthcare is different across the globe and Healthcare organizations are moving at different speeds, depending on country, legal framework, political agenda, individual organization, role in the healthcare ecosystem and the precise goals of digital transformation within each individual context: from enhancing patient-centricity in hospitals and improving workforce conditions to new ways of care, for instance remote health monitoring by leveraging cloud computing and the IoT . Some see digital transformation and digitization as a stepping stone to reduce the excessive healthcare expenditure. Now, the big players in this healthcare ecosystem are all pushing and pressing for the need of digital transformation. But the success of this effort relies on the vast reach of the digitization technology. It should reach all the nooks and corner of any nation.

Is it about leveraging digital technologies in novel ways to improve health? Is it about leveraging digital technologies in order to make healthcare more affordable and cost- effective (which is a universal need) ? Is it about finding new revenue sources as healthcare does need to be funded? Is it the digital transformation of an entire industry in nations where healthcare tourism is seen as an importance source of revenue, among others in some countries which were more dependent on oil and are transforming to become service economies. 

Telemedicine in Health Care:

This  involves the use of 

telecommunication technology to remotely 

diagnose and treat the patients. In a survey 

back in 2016, it was found that doctors 

consider telemedicine as a better way to 

treat chronic diseases. They say that the 

traditional office visits to doctors are more 

tiresome and demoralizing for patients. 

Telemedicine is finding enormous success in the field of mental health care. The patients needing emotional support are finding quick access to therapists on just a click of the button at a much-reduced cost. 

Cloud computing Health sector 

Cloud technology is widely adopted by 

healthcare organizations worldwide. During thev

past few years, healthcare industries have 

realized the potential of cloud computing and 

how it can help them give quality services to 

patients. The cloud technology has 

accelerated the way healthcare industry can 

use or share information across a network.

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