The Impact of information technology to school academic processes 

Both education and learning are life time processes, they have no limit on when to start and stop. In our daily lives we learn new things and this helps us in changing the way we leave. Education provides us with  information, and then we have to learn and process this information for our own use. It is very important to make education accessible at any time by every one; this will help in reducing on the level of illiteracy. Information technology  as the ability of speeding up information delivery, so this ability can be used in improving our Education environment. With the implementation of Information Technology  costs of accessing educational material are cut down and it makes it easy for students to learn from anywhere.
This adoption of ICT reinforces the teaching process, but also facilitates administrative transactions. The current research aims to determine the level of technological infrastructure  resent in the secondary schools of Greece, to what extent this equipment meets their administrative needs, to study the role of the school libraries in their contribution to the modernization of school administration, and to examine the conditions that influence the implementation of ICT in school management.

Therefore information and Communication Technology have impacted help the school academic processes through the following:

  1. Changes to Teaching 

One of the areas which information  technology have impacted enormously is the teaching way. Teaching is increasingly being seen as occurring via the medium of technology, Rather  than utilising technology as an additional extra in the classroom. Information technology particularly impacts course content and teaching methodology and the recruitment and training of teaching staff as well as the content of courses. Information technology requires teachers to learn new sets of skills. Utilising computer technology improves the educational experience of the students – not so much because of the media itself, but because software programs require teachers to think laterally and systematically, and produce better teaching materials. The role of teachers will change with the advances of information. Students do not lack information, but rather the time to find, analyse, understand and apply information. A teachers role is therefore to help students develop skills in order to determine how to find, analyse and interpret information

Use of Computers in the School administration 

Computers can help in running of the school administration. It can be used during the admission procedures, storing of officials and students’ records etc. The application of computers to student record keeping evolved from simple tabulation and keeping records of registration figures, attendance, grades in examination, admission, registration scheduling, dropouts and additions, class rosters, student aid, fees and scholarship, testing and evaluation, and enrollment. Computers can also be used in educational planning and decision-making, controlling, assisting instruction and simulation. Computers are helpful in administrating aptitude tests and achievement tests at the time of entrance. A computer software can process performance of the functions related with teacher’s and employee’s promotion avenues, records of the distribution of salary, holding of the student’s examination, preparing scheme of examination, printing of papers and question papers, evaluation of answer sheets, preparing marks sheets, certificates etc.

3 Changes in the potential of Education 

Information technology frees education institutions from the constraints of space and time, and enables the delivery of education services anywhere,anytime. Therefore we can foresee a future where physical libraries would be replaced by digital libraries available to anyone; and that scholars could cease to be located around a geographical focus and will probably become increasingly “located” around a specialization, but physically located anywhere in the world. We could also imagine a day when modern technology will enable students in a given location to access the best of teachers in a given field and to interact with them, whether “live” or via video.

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