Ways to Reduce Cost of Acquiring Servers






IT organizations are continually challenged to reduce costs of on-premises server infrastructures, in that regards, we have mapped out ways to reduce the cost of acquiring servers.


Key Challenges

  • even though their is increases in the use of public cloud and integrated systems, server hardware spending remains a significant part of the IT budget.
  • Transparent pricing and price drops by IaaS cloud vendors are adding pressure on infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to show cost reductions in on-premises infrastructure.
  • Due to higher commoditization and lower vendor margins, it is increasingly difficult to obtain server cost reductions simply by negotiating for higher discounts from seller
I&O leaderstasked with infrastructure modernization while pursuing cost optimization goals for server infrastructure should:
  • Reduce server prices by selecting processors with better price/performance, using lower-cost memory configurations and deploying next-generation solid-state drives (SSDs).
  • Improve asset life cycle management to get more work out of existing servers by adding memory to existing virtualization hosts, extending server life cycles to five or more years and using third-party maintenance (TPM).
  • Increase discounts by standardizing on three to five server configurations, using lower-cost vendors and utilizing the secondary market.
  • Avoid buying new servers altogether by eliminating underutilized servers in Mode 1 operations, and by adopting containers in Mode 2 operations.

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